Keynote Manfred Broy

Architecture – Key to Digital Transformation

by Manfred Broy


When looking at significant steps in the digital transformation, a key issue there are software systems. They are the backbone of most of the initiatives in digital transformation and therefore companies have to make sure that they use the adequate software technology to implement their digital strategy. When doing so, software systems have to be developed and transformed during a longer period of time and therefore the general structure of software systems in terms of architectures are key issues. This addresses both feature architectures as a result of a careful requirements engineering as well as platform independent component architectures as a backbone for the implementation and finally also platform dependent architectures as a key to deployment.

We introduce a general approach to the design and specification of interfaces as a key to all three kinds of architectural approaches and show how this approach can be used for a systematic software evolution. We discuss, how this approach can be combined with agile processes.