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Wolfsburg is about 80km east of Hannover and can be reached via train (about 30 min from Hannover). Further options to get to Wolfsburg are via Berlin (about 90 min) or Hamburg (about 2 hours). from Hamburg). If you travel by car, Wolfsburg is easy to reach via A2 and A39, which takes (depending on the time) about 60 min from Hannover and in about 2 hours from Berlin. Furthermore, Wolfsburg is connected to inter-city bus network (e.g., Flixbus).

Option: By Plane

The International Airport of Hannover is located 80km north of Wolfsburg. If you plan to travel by plane, choosing Hannover airport is the best option. However, you can also travel via Braunschweig airport, which is, however, much smaller.

Hannover Airport:
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Getting from Hannover Airport to Wolfsburg:

Take the S5 (train) from Hannover Airport to Hannover Hauptbahnhof (15 min). Then, you can go directly to Wolfsburg using the ICE (32 min) or the ENO (1h). You can check your options here:

Option: By Train

There are intercity connections from various German cities to Wolfsburg, e.g., Hannover (30 min), Berlin (90min), and Frankfurt/Main (3h). Leaving the train at the Wolfsburg Central Station, you can walk to the conference hotel or go there by bus (step down at “Köhlerbergstraße”).

Option: By Car

You can go by car to Wolfsburg using the Autobahn A2. At Wolfsburg/Königslutter, follow the signs A39 to Wolfsburg and leave the Autobahn at Wolfsburg/West.

Option: By Bus

Flixbus connects Wolfsburg with several German cities by inter-city bus. These cities include, among others, Hamburg, Berlin, and Leipzig. The complete list of bus routes can be found here: